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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

Hugh Scott Builders and Slaters

Details of work carried out on my property during February 2013 by Hugh Scott Builders & Slaters, 19 Admiral Street, Glasgow.

Website: Hugh Scott

Other relevant websites:

Scottish Building Federation

Scotland and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employer's Federation



We needed some repair work carried out on our roof due to wind damage and normal wear and tear. We contacted a number of roofers and received quotations ranging from 500 to 1000. Although they were the most expensive, we chose Hugh Scott Builders mainly because they had been in the trade since 1925. We assumed that they would be able to determine what repairs were needed to be carried out and had the competence and integrity to complete the work to a high standard. On their website they state, "The company is a member of S.B.E.F. and S.N.I.P.E.F." - so we expected them to take pride in their work.

When requesting a quotation we asked that the bring both roof and gutters to a high standard. We pointed out that, in particular, we needed:

* Ridge Tiles: Completely repoint the ridge.

* Hip Tiles: Reposition tiles that had slipped and completely repoint all 4 hips

* Tiles: Replace missing and damaged tiles and refit all loose tiles (using rosemary tiles)

* Guttering: Check all joints for leaks. Replace damaged sections of gutter and downpipes. Clean the gutters. Water test gutters.

* Dormer: Strip damaged lead skirting and replace with lead or fibreglass. Replace rotting sections of facia wood on the dormer. Report on any additional damage discovered while the lead was off and quote for any further repair required.

* Overall: Complete whatever work is required to bring the roof and gutters back to a high standard.



The two workmen that did the job spent a maximum of 6 hours on the roof - they spent more time than this sitting in their van and would regularly disappear for hours.

Hugh Scott's website states, "Dedicated Foremen / Managers are allocated to each job / project no matter how small or large to provide a close liaison with each customer throughout the project / job duration." In reality there was NO liaison - the workmen didn't even let us know they were starting the work and disappeared without telling us they had 'finished'. The only contact has been a letter asking for the 251.70 deposit and an invoice for the outstanding amount of 755.10.

As detailed in the photos below the workmanship is a disgrace - even from ground level the roof looks a complete mess. We have had the work inspected by two independent roofing companies - they were appalled at the state in which Hugh Scott have left our roof.  (See the quotation at bottom of page.)


Pictures of the Work

Below are a few of the pictures taken to show how bad a job Hugh Scott did of the roof. High definition pictures are available that show greater detail than those below.



The Hips

How it should be done: Cracked or crumbling mortar should be carefully removed with a hammer and chisel. Brush away any loose dust. If the same tiles are to be repositioned, make sure their undersides are cleared of old mortar and the tile is cleaned. Check the roof itself is clear of old mortar and mix a new bedding mixture.


Back Left Hip

The hip tiles that had slipped have not been repositioned. The ridge has not been repointed.



Back Left Hip

Hip tiles have not been repositioned and encroach upon the gutter.



Back Left Hip

Poorly repointed hip - the whole hip should have been repointed.


Back Left Hip

Hip tiles have slipped due to breakdown in the old mortar. They should have been repositioned and then properly repointed.


Back Right Hip

Love the gaps and the debris!


Back Right Hip

Hip tile has not been repositioned. It is loose as it has not been repointed.


Back Right Hip

Not repointed - tiles completely loose.



Back Right Hip

Old broken mortar not replaced.


Back Right Hip

Old loose mortar has not been replaced. Tiles are loose.


Front Left Hip

Old mortar has crumbled but Hugh Scott did not bother to repoint!!




Front Right Hip

Same old story - Old mortar not replaced - hip tiles not repositioned.



Front Right Hip

Would you be proud of this roofline if you had been in the trade for 85 years?

Note - the bottom two tiles are completely loose!!!!



Front Left hip

No attempt to reposition the slipped tiles or replace the crumbling mortar.


Front Left hip

Mind the gaps!!!!



Front Left Hip

Old mortar not replaced - loads of gaps.



Front Left Hip

Poorly repointed hip tiles - old mortar not replaced.



The ridge tiles were not repointed at all!! Crumbling mortar and gaps have been left to the elements.




What should have been done: Replace lead apron. Replace rotten facia wood. Report on any damage found when lead was off so that any other repair could be carried out.

What was done: A small strip of lead was used to badly patch up the front of the dormer. The apron was NOT replaced. The rotten wood was NOT replaced. No report was given on additional damage (as apron was not removed).



Strip of lead attached to the rotten wood.




Rotting facia wood not replaced. Badly patched up lead.



How would you rate this workmanship?



Rather than replace the lead apron they did a botched job at patching it up - they didn't even bother to cut the lead straight!!!





What should have been done: Guttering should have had all leaks repaired, it should have been cleaned and tested to ensure that it was fit for purpose.

What was done:

A few sections of downpipe were replaced.

Gutter was NOT cleaned of debris and growth.

Sections where water overflows were NOT repaired.

Workmen broke a section of the gutter and did NOT bother to replace it.

The gutter was NOT water tested to ensure that there were no leaks.


Guttering at Back

Grass growing in the gutter was not removed - neither were the bits of debris the workmen created!!



Front Gutter

Grass growing while the workmen read the newspaper in their van.


Left Side Gutter

The workmen broke this but couldn't be bothered repairing it!!!


Right Gutter & Tiles

This section of the gutter has a dip which stops the water draining away.



What should have been done: The roof should have been properly inspected and all missing, damaged and loose tiles PROPERLY fixed. Broken and missing tiles should have been replaced with Rosemary tiles.

What was done: Most of the missing tiles seem to have been replaced - sadly some (or all) seem to have been attached using a sealant rather than nails!!!

There are still a number of broken tiles.

There are still a number of loose or badly refitted tiles.



Tiles Right Side

Badly fitted tiles attached using sealant.


Tiles Right Side

One of the broken tiles that was not replaced.


Front Tiles

Badly fitted tiles - fitted using sealant rather than nails.


Side Tiles

Badly fitted tiles - no attempt to repair.


Right Gutter & Tiles

A bit of a mess!


Left Side Tiles

Broken tile not replaced.


Left Side Tiles

Debris on the Roof!!!


Left Side Tiles

Badly fitted tiles using sealant rather than nails. No need to clean up after yourselves lads!!



Quotation received to repair the roof from another builder after Hugh Scott had completed their 'work'


Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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