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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

What could be better that a cocktail made from the finest Scottish Whisky?

Drinking it on its own I guess . . . but then everyone to their own taste.

So, if you want to mess with perfection, try one of our 1,000 whisky cocktail recipes!


Scottish Whisky Cocktail Recipes - 1


Aberdeen Angus recipe

Aberfoyle recipe

Absolut MotherKisser recipe

Absolut Royal Kiss recipe

ACID recipe

Acid Water recipe

Admiral recipe

Affinity recipe

Aftershock recipe

Agent Orange recipe

Aggravation recipe

Alamo recipe

Alaskan Pipeline recipe

Alexander Young recipe

Algonquin Bar Punch recipe

Algonquin recipe

All American recipe

Allegheny recipe

Alzheimers recipe

Amenie Mama recipe

Americana recipe

Amor de Cosmos recipe

Anchors Aweigh recipe

Angel Piss recipe

Apocalypse recipe

Apple Jim recipe

Apricot Kiss recipe

Aquarius recipe

Are You Tough Enough? recipe

Areola recipe

Arizona Jim recipe

Artillery Punch recipe

Avalanche recipe

Avril Cocktail recipe

AWOL recipe

Backdraft recipe

Backyard Dawg recipe

Baileys Irish Cream recipe

Bairn recipe

Ballchain Blaster recipe

Ballylickey Bait recipe

Balmoral recipe

Banana Bird recipe

Banff Cocktail recipe

Bankers Doom recipe

Bannockburn recipe

Banshe recipe

Barbary Coast recipe

Barbican recipe

Barnstormer recipe

Bart Simpson recipe

Barton Special recipe

Baseball Pleasure recipe

Basin Street recipe

Bay Horse recipe

Be Sweet recipe

Beadlestone Cocktail recipe

Beam Me Up Jimmy recipe

Beam Me Up recipe

Beam Scream recipe

Bearded Clam recipe

Bedroom Farce recipe

Beef On Rye recipe

BeeGee OJ recipe

Bellamy Scotch Sour recipe

Bend Me Over Slammer recipe

Benka on the Rocks recipe

Big Brothers recipe

Big Titty Ho on a Motorcycle recipe

Bill Leaves Town recipe

Bill Murray and The Ghostbusters recipe

Billy Bishop recipe

Bin Laden recipe

Birch Beam recipe

Bird Feeder recipe

Birth Control recipe

Black Dragon recipe

Black Hawk recipe

Black Haze recipe

Black Irish recipe

Black Rose recipe

Black Sabbath recipe

Black Stuff recipe

Black Tartan recipe

Black Tooth recipe

Black Watch recipe

Blackjack recipe

Blarney Stone Cocktail recipe

Blended Comfort recipe

Blimey recipe

Blinder recipe

Blinker Cocktail recipe

Blister recipe

Blood and Sand Cocktail recipe

Bloody Chicken recipe

Bloody Demon From Hell recipe

Bloody Jim recipe

Bloody O.J. recipe


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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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