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Scottish Nursery Rhymes

A collection of traditional old nursery rhymes for children.

A dis, a dis, a green grass

Aboot the Merry-Matanzie

Ah sent her fur cheese

Ane , twa, three

As eh gaed up a field o neeps

Betty bought a bit o butter

Clap a Clap a Handies

Come on and join

Come up an' see my garret

Coulter's Candy (Ally Bally Bee)

Cowe the nettle early

Crivens Jings Help Ma Boab


Dan Dan the funny wee man

Dan Dan the funny wee man

Dance Tae Yer Daddy


Eenity feenity, fickety feg

Eh'll awa hame

Eh'll tell the boaby

Eh'll tell the boaby

Eh'm goin awa' on the train

Feetikin, Feetikin

Five, ten, fifteen, twenty

Half a pound for Mandy Rice

Hap and row

Here we go round the jingo-ring

Hey Jock ma Cuddy

Hielenman, Hielenman

Hoo are ye the day?

How dan, dilly dow

Hush-a-ba, Babby, Lie Still, Lie Still

Hush-a-ba, Burdie, Croon, Croon

I like coffee

I'm a skyscraper wean

Jean McPherson

John Smith, Fallow Fine

Johnny the barber

Katie Beardie

Kiltie Mary hid a canary

Last night

Last night there was a murder in a fish shop

Leddy Landers

Ma brother Bill's a Fireman bold

Ma Da's the lord mayor of London

Mah Granny went doon tae the cellar

Meh lad's a terry

Mrs Wright

Muggie fell doon the mill dam

My Bonnie

My eyes are dim I can not see

My mother said that I must go

My uncle Tam

Nicht Owre

Nievie, Nievie, Nicknack

Not last night but the night before

O, the broon coo

Oh mah Granny's in the cellar

Oh ye cannae shove yer grannie aff the bus

One fine day

One fine day in the middle of the night

One, Two, Three - a Leerie

Robin Redbreast's Testement

Singing I Will

The miller's dochter

The Tickling Game

The Wren's Nest

There is a happy land

There's a mannie in yer loaby Mary Ann

Three Craws

Three Little Piggies

Vote, vote, vote for Neddy Scrimgeor

Wee Chookie Birdie

Wee Willie Winkie

Wha shaved the barber

Wha wad like tae be a boaby

Whistle, whistle, auld wife.

Who's yowes are these?

Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff The Bus

Yokie Pokie

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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