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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

From Bonnie Scotland we bring you the very best of Scottish . . .

Scottish Quiz

Question on Scotland and all things Scottish . . . including history, geography, literature and culture.

Click on a Question to check the Answer:

  1. What is the Capital of Scotland?

  2. What is the Largest City in Scotland?

  3. What are the Languages spoken in Scotland?

  4. What is the area of Scotland?

  5. What is the population of Scotland?

  6. What is the population of Glasgow?

  7. What is the population of Edinburgh?

  8. What is the population of Aberdeen?

  9. What is the population of Dundee?

  10. What is the population of Inverness?

  11. What is the population of Stirling?

  12. What is the longest river in Scotland?

  13. What is the shortest river in Scotland?

  14. How many Scottish islands are there?

  15. What is the largest Scottish Island?

  16. What is the highest mountain in Scotland?

  17. What is the largest Loch in Scotland?

  18. What is the National Anthem of Scotland?

  19. What is the National Dress of Scotland?

  20. What is the symbolic flower of Scotland?

  21. What is the National Food of Scotland?

  22. Which Scottish inventor discovered Penicillin?

  23. Which Scottish inventor invented Television?

  24. Which Scottish inventor invented The Telephone?

  25. Which Scottish inventor invented The Steam Engine?

  26. Which Scottish inventor invented Tar Road Surfacing?

  27. Which Scottish inventor invented Pneumatic Tyres?

  28. Which Scottish inventor invented Antiseptic?

  29. Which Scottish inventor invented Radar?

  30. Which Scottish inventor invented The Bicycle?

  31. Which Scottish inventor invented Logarithms?

  32. What is the most common Scottish Surname?

  33. What is the most popular Scottish Boy's Name?

  34. What is the most popular Scottish Girl's Name?

  35. How Many people in Scotland speak Gaelic?

  36. What is the national emblem of Scotland?

  37. How long is a Scots mile?

  38. What is Scotland's oldest University

  39. What is a Munro?

  40. When was the Tay Bridge disaster?

  41. What is a clachan?

  42. Which saint’s symbol is used on the flag of Scotland?

  43. Which saint is the patron saint of Glasgow?

  44. Which is the oldest tree in Scotland?

  45. How many lochs are there in Scotland?

  46. How many lakes are there in Scotland?

  47. When was the Forth Rail Bridge opened?

  48. What is ‘The Old Man of Hoy’?

  49. Which famous Scottish battle took place in 1314?

  50. Who led the Jacobite Uprising in 1745?

  51. When was the Battle of Stirling Bridge?

  52. Which Scottish leader led his army to victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge?

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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland
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