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Scottish . biz . . . everything about Scotland

From Bonnie Scotland we bring you the very best of Scottish . . .

Scottish Words - Top 10 Scottish Slang Words

The Top Ten Scottish Slang Words

(But please don't count them - I might have cheated a bit)

The Scottish dialect is very descriptive and often poetic. Here are the top 10 words as voted by . . . well me really. (There may actually be more than ten words but don't tell anybody)

Glaswegian / Scottish English

Example and Translation

Bampot Derogatory term :

A person of an unstable nature

A crazy person

A Headcase or Nutter


. . . so not generally a term you would use when referring to your mother.


Ur fur a doing fur nicking ma burd ya wee blooming bampot.



I feel somewhat disconcerted that you seem to be having an intimate relationship with the girl of my dreams and as a result I feel obliged to hit you over the head with a smashed bottle.



A bampot (or is she just unnaturally happy?)

crazy Scottish girl tight t-shirt

Bauchle A wee fat wifie or small misshapen person.

(The term is mainly applied to older woman)

(Bauchle is now used as a general insult - to describe just about anyone you do not like the look of.).



Yon blonde's no bad lookin' but Ah didnae fancy the wee bauchle way her!


The blonde girl is not completely ugly but I would need another six pints before I shagged her mate.



Four Bauchles sat upon a wa' . . .

Bauchles old scottish women

Blether Gossip or chat (generally for an extended period of time)

Women tend to blether - when men talk it is more of a debate or discussion about important things - such as football.


Birds and blethers fly.


Carrier pigeons and emails are great ways of spreading malicious gossip.
[From A Midge in Your Hand is Worth Two Up the Kilt]



Old Blethers

old women gossips

Blootered Very Drunk

When a person is blootered they are unlikely to be able to do certain trivial tasks - such as walking.


Payday! Let's git blootered.



It's Friday and we have been paid - let's go to the pub and stay there until we have wasted all our hard earned money.


Blootered Girl - after just one vodka . . .

drunk scottish girls

Chuffed Pleased / Happy

Chuffed is an innocent happiness - like the feeling you had after your very first kiss.


Ah'm dead chuffed Ah passed ma exams.



I got a D in English and an E in Domestic Abuse - so I am off to the pub to celebrate.



Chuffed little girl in Easterhouse, Glasgow - she has just discovered that part of the housing scheme has been converted into an artificial beach.

(Note: Glaswegian people are ever so posh - we think nothing of building mountains or moving oceans so that our children can have a healthy environment.)

smiling young girl on beach

Crabbit Ill tempered / grumpy / in a bad mood.

Crabbit tends to be associated with older people. Young people are arrogant and cheeky - older people are merely crabbit.


Tabbit is a crabbit wee rabbit.



My new pet rabbit, Tabbit, keeps biting my fingers.



Crabbit Santa

grumpy santa at Christmas

Dreich Damp, dizzily, cold wet  weather - the kind that gets under your skin and makes you buy a easyJet ticket to Spain.

IE Scotland in summer.



Och it's fair dreich the day.



Another 4 inch of rain today - this is the worst summer since 2007.



Dreich weather in Bearsden (a leafy suburb of Glasgow) In fact, as you can see from the picture, Mrs McGoanae's garden is almost completely flooded.)

scottish weather rain

Eejit Idiot / simpleton / not too bright / daft / a numpty

Most eejits seem to be vertically challenged - for the common expression is 'wee eejit'.


Thon wee eejit Davie McIver hus goan and joined MENSA.



I hate Davie McIver!



Eejit - simpleton . . .

village idiot

Fankle Tied in a knot / Confused


When string is all webbed together in a way that it's completely impossible to untangle it - - - that's a fankle.


Dinnae get yersel' in a fankle.



While undoing the knots in that rope please refrain from becoming bound and immobilised - I am definitely not into S&M.



Kids in a fankle - all tied up in knots . . .

children playing

Gallus Self-confident, daring, cheeky. / Stylish.

Often used in a derogatory manner for someone who thinks that they are something special.



He's pure gallus, by the way.



What a bloody arsehole that guy is!!!!


Gallus guy or complete dickhead?

daft boy

Glaikit Stupid / silly / looks stupid


If the first thought when you see a person is that they would be incapable of tying their shoe laces without instructions - - that is the glaikit look.


She's as glaikit as a haggis in a graveyard.



She is a contender for idiot of the month at the lunatic asylum.



Glaikit - Silly Girl

stupid girls

Glasgow Kiss

Glesca Kiss

A headbut

Glasgow Kiss
A Glasgow Kiss is a greeting that is not exclusive to Glasgow. Indeed many a Glasgow Kiss has been given in Greenock, Glenrothes and even Geilenkirchen (though Geilenkirchen Kiss doesn’t have the same ring to it). A Glasgow Kiss is given by striking the forehead against the beneficiary’s head. Targeting the nose provides the most pleasing effect.

[From Ned Speak by Stuart McLean]


Glasgow Kiss / Glesca Kissheadbut glasgow kiss

Gonnae Going to / Will you 


Gonnae no' dae that.



Please refrain from kicking my head with your size 12 boots.




Gonnae no' dae that . . .

naughty young girl

Numpty Idiot / Stupid Person


Used as a general insult when referring to - - - well anybody really.

Numpty Dumpty

Numpty Dumpty sat oan a wall,
Numpty Dumpty hud a great fall.
It wisnae accident him being so high.

The stupid wee eejit wis trying to fly.

[Copyright Stuart Macfarlane]




Numpty Dumpty


Steamin' Drunk


Ah wis steamin' so Ah wis, an' all I hud wis twenty bottles o' Bucky.



Despite drinking in moderation I felt very slightly tipsy.




Steamin' - guys behaving badly . . .

stupid boys

Wabbit Tired out / knackered / Exhausted


A person who is wabbit is very likely to also be feeling crabbit. It is thus not advisable to make a habit of being wabbit or you'll be in the habbit of being a crabbit wabbit.


Ah'm real wabbit the night - Ah think Ah'll hit the sack afore midnight.



Gosh I am tired - I shall have an early night.



A crabbit wabbit rabbit

dead rabbit


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A Scottish Poem for you . . .


Bonnie Leezie Lindsay by Frank Folloy and Harry Lauder


Of sweethearts I have had a lot,

But their names and faces I've not forgot,

For as sure as I stand on this spot,

I'm in love wi' bonnie Leezie Lindsay.

When first I saw her bonnie wee face,

It was love at first sight in my case.

My heart it nearly left it's place,

When I saw my bonnie Leezie Lindsay.



 For I'm coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay noo,

 Coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay noo,

In ma time I have had a few,

But I'm coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay noo



Last winter when the frost was on

We both went skatin' on Loch Long.

Of coorse I had my troosers on,

I always do when I go skatin'!

As we went glidin' o'er the ice,

I was very near doon once or twice,

But Leezie sav'd me very very nice,

For o' me she's very very careful!




We went on a motoring tour last June,

We started frae the toon o' Troon,

Up mauntains, valleys roon' ,

Till we landed at Balmoral Castle.

So when the king and the queen saw me,

We both were invited in to tea,

Then the king said to me,

I'm very pleased to see,

That yer coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay.



'Yer coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay noo,

Coortin' bonnie Lindsay noo,

I would give a fiver to be you,

To be coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay noo'

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